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Photo album This page has some stuff that may interest you. This is our home country, but it's not where our home is. Home is where your junk is and that is Saudi Arabia. We have always been asked about of Aussie O's - the O's we add to words. So check out The guide to the Auzzie O's (servo, blotto, grotto, bozo, yobbo, arv'o,...) They seem to be removed in movies so that they can be understood, but trust me they are very simple... 


The Auzzie O's



arv'o This afternoon See ya' this-arv'o
blotto Wiped out I have to get a duco job on my car because some bozo who was completely blotto ran into me as I was leaving the servo...
bozo Someone who makes a fool of themselves. UK: Yobbo, US: Jerk
cheapo Cheap and nasty This arv'o I'll buy a cheapo one
duco A Car's paintwork Hands off the duco mate
drongo A dimwit Rack off drongo
garbo The garbage man Check out the garbo
grotto How you feel after being blotto I feel pretty grotto this morning
lingo Language You don't speak a my lingo
servo Service station Pull in to the servo
yobbo Someone who goes out of their way to make a fool of themselves.  What a yobbo!
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